Specialists in Building Supplies and Products.

Specialists in Building Supplies

Milford Supplies Ltd is owned and run by Martyn Hardman and Andy Dobson who between them have over 60 years’ experience of building supplies and specialist building products.

Milford Supplies was originally formed in 1995 and then incorporated in the year 2000.

They have extensive knowledge and experience that was gained through working in the Builders Merchants industry for independent and national merchants. It was while working in other merchants that Martyn and Andy identified a gap between builder and supplier. With their combined knowledge and experience of pricing and ensuring delivery of correct materials they realised they could provide a service that would then allow the contractor/builder to spend more time on site doing the hands on work to get the project done in the required timeframe.

Strict ‘Trade Only’ Policy

Milford Supplies Ltd adheres to a strict trade only policy and endeavour to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships with clients by providing a quality service. They have an extensive network of suppliers in merchants and manufacturers throughout the UK and in particular the North West. More importantly, they know the right people to speak to in order to acquire the correct information and prices to achieve the right results.

They make it a point to assist, not just in office hours; they are contactable on their individual phones virtually anytime. They decided to keep the web presence to a minimum because their purpose is to talk, assist, give advice and if necessary point clients elsewhere in the right direction even though this may mean passing up on a sale. They do not want to have their site used as a price comparison site.

They are happy just to give advice and by contacting them you are bypassing the sometimes painful experience of automated phone answering and counter staff that might be somewhat lacking in sharp end experience and knowledge of the trade and materials.

Milford Supplies Ltd will provide reasonable ‘across the board’ prices and as Martyn and Andy are famous for saying:

“We will NOT take your pants down”.

Work is predominately in the North West but clients can, and are, supplied throughout the UK.