About Us

Why should you use us is obviously the first question you would ask.

There are many good merchants around the country and we don’t consider ourselves any better or any worse but let us answer the question of ‘Why use Milford’ with 10 bullet points.

  1. We have been in this business for decades and know exactly how the supply chain works.
  2. We fully understand the need for direct no nonsense and straight to the point talking.
  3. We know our prices will be competitive. Of course, like anything, you can shop around and make the odd extra saving here and there but dealing with us you will receive across the board prices that are keen. There are no special offers from us just honest, reliable service.
  4. We are fully aware that the are many good Builders Merchants around but we have noticed that over recent years knowledge and experience is severely lacking and just ends up frustrating you and ultimately wasting your time.
  5. We understand ‘Time is Money’ and having your lads stood about on site doing nothing with their fingers up ‘you know where’ because they are waiting for materials is something to be avoided.
  6. We will not waste you time with empty promises. If we can’t help you we will say so and will often direct you somewhere else that we know could service your need better than we can.
  7. We have experience, experience that we know which buttons to press with manufacturers and hauliers and more importantly who to speak to sort any problems out that may arise.
  8. We know the right people in the right places to get you the deal you need.
  9. We believe business is a 2 way street and dealing with us should be a pleasure and mutually beneficial.
  10. We will not try and take your pants down.

So there you go, it is as simple as that. Your valuable time will not be wasting dealing with us and you just might hear some good jokes along the way that will brighten your day.


Are you willing to try us? If so, the office number is 01772 643968. Alternatively email Martyn or Andy by sending your enquiry to info@milfordsuppliesltd.com

Experienced and Knowledgeable

Offices in Salford and Leyland.