Brick Arches

Brick Arches

Brick Arch and Brick CuttingWithin our brick cutting service we can offer a massive range of brick arches in many sizes and decorative styles which can also be bonded for ease of installation.These are easy to use and offer a genuine alternative to traditional loose arches. From standard bricks, we cut slips to shape which are then bonded to the pre manufactured arch structure and are available as either structural or lightweight options.

Structural Arches – Supplied as standard sizes or as bespoke designs our arches are manufactured using concrete and steel, this removes the need for secondary lintels rendering them fully load bearing.
This quick and easy method not only reduces wastage of materials but can dramatically cut production time.

Lightweight arches – This option represents a more cost effective solution to employing the use of arches as decorative features. Available in both standard and tailor made formats, these can be used in conjunction with a hidden lintel to offer strength and support. Ease of use and quick production times have been a major factor in this products increasing popularity.

All arches are supplied with clean joints ensuring a consistent colour and finish when pointed on site. Our bespoke brick cutting service is especially useful when trying to match existing or traditional heritage type buildings.

We can also work directly from your drawings and calculate how many bricks we will need to complete your order, this avoids over ordering, eliminates waste and save money.

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