Brick Cutting and Cut and Bonded Bricks

Brick Cutting and Cut and Bonded Bricks

We have a very fast and competitive service for brick cutting or cut and bonded bricks. More often than not these are required for conservatory bases where a good match for the main feature brick is required but the special shapes are not available.

There are many other scenarios where ‘cut only’ or ‘cut and bonded’ bricks and masonry can be used to overcome potential problems on site in order to keep the project moving forward.

We have a very fast turnaround and offer a nationwide delivery service. Furthermore we are also able to supply bricks but are equally happy just to provide the cutting service.

Using our fast and reliable service we help clients meet deadlines and continue project where special shapes bricks may not be available or on extended delivery from the manufacturers.

If you have a requirement and just need some advice then use the contact form below or call us on 01772 643968



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