It’s all about service

It’s all about service

The First Post

Now that the new website has been launched I thought I’d put a quick post together about who we are. 

It was actually 1999 when we kicked off properly. We (Martyn and myself) were somewhat disillusioned with the new owners of at the place we were working and decided it was time to make the break.

Although I had Milford Supplies set up prior to this it was only as a sideline. Over the years we had built up quite a large base of loyal clients and after speaking with them, many of whom said they would support us, we decided it was the time.

We were both brought up in the old school whereby customers where always the most important part of the business. Although still true today I feel that many places seem to forget who actually pays the wages. It’s not the boss of the company, it’s the customers and it is as simple as that.

We have always prided ourselves on our service and I think that after almost 2 decades of trading we must be doing something right. There have been a few occasions where things haven’t gone too well but as with anything you just knuckle down and get on with.

We never really bothered too much about the web presence as we have always preferred the good old fashioned face to face stuff.However, we have now thought it’s time to move forward and although the website is up to date we have purposely not loaded it with all sorts of products and prices purely because we want people to contact us so we can hopefully build more long term relationships as opposed to doing everything in the cold of cyberspace.

More updates will follow in the future and we look forward to hopefully being of service somewhere/somehow soon.