Why use Milford?

Why use Milford ?


This is probably the first question everyone will ask themselves when a different supplier approaches them, so why choose Milford?

Milford Supplies have a very traditional and direct way of doing business by way of they don’t just want a quick one off special offer deal with people but rather prefer to maintain long term trusting relationships where both parties benefit from doing business with each other.

It is testament to their performance that most of their existing clients have dealt with them for more than 10 years.

Decades of Experience

Both Andy and Martyn have worked within the construction industry since leaving school and since setting up Milford Supplies in the 90’s have built a nationwide distribution network that can supply construction materials ANYWHERE on mainland UK thus saving companies valuable time by not having to scour the area they are working in for a reliable supplier.

Add to this an in depth knowledge of materials and a mindset of pricing all items competitively and you have the foundation of a service to rival anyone.

Your biggest pain in the neck ?

In within many of the challenges you will face are the problems that arise when working out of town. Milford can relieve you from the hassle of trying to source materials in areas of the country that you may not be too familiar with or at companies that do not know you.

Although you may have an account with a national merchant and have a very good relationship with local branches problems often occur when you use branches out of the area that don’t give you the attention you deserve, not to mention giving you the prices you require or are meant to get. This process can and does often take hours then end up detracting from your main objective of getting the job on site done.

Realistic pricing across the board

Milford don’t profess to be the cheapest but by the same token they are definitely not the most expensive. What you receive are consistently competitive rates that won’t have you picking the phone up to query prices when the invoice lands on your desk. They will not take advantage and try to ‘slap your bottom’ if something out of the ordinary product range crops up.

Add to this that it’s not just brick, block, aggregates etc that are supplied by Milford as they have some exceptionally good deals set up nationally for metal stud & drylining products, fireproofing boards and virtually unbeatable rates on ironmongery and lightside products.

All rates will be set up and prior to placing an order you will be notified of any extras that might occur due to excess haulage, non standard sizes, express delivery etc.

What if there is a problem ?

Let’s face it…even with the best will in the world something will go wrong somewhere or sometime (even for Milford).

If you’re working local when something goes ‘t*ts up’ then you will have your local contacts to speak to directly but if not then you face the challenge of finding someone who cares enough about your problem to sort it out and sort it out to your satisfaction.

With Milford you will only be dealing with Martyn or Andy directly. You will not be palmed off to some other operative who doesn’t understand your requirements neither will you just be given a phone number of some far away land and told to ring them.

If a problem occurs we don’t hide or pretend we didn’t notice your call in the hope it will disappear. We take the bull by the horns and face up to it so as to sort it out in a professional manner and hopefully to your satisfaction.

We want you to enjoy working with us

We mention this because although we maintain a very professional service at the same time we want clients to enjoy dealing with us and build a lasting relationship where we have a mutual trust of each other’s business needs.

In Summary

The ‘Seven Reasons Why’ for using Milford are:

  1. You will be dealing with very experienced people
  2. You will have a nationwide service
  3. You will receive very competitive rates
  4. You will have one point of contact
  5. You will save time
  6. You will save money
  7. You will enjoy dealing with us

We sincerely look forward to hopefully being of service sometime soon.

To get in touch either call 01772 643968 or email info@milfordsuppliesltd.com

Or use the contact form below.